Product Feature

Looking Back on Summer 2021

Looking back at Mount Olympus, the highest point in Olympic National Park, was the highlight of a week- long backpacking trip I did last summer.  This meadow was my favorite section of the trip; no people to be seen and on high alert for bears. The meadow seemed to be untouched by humans. In preparing for my trip, I made a conscious effort to use at least one product from each of the brands the Alta Group represents.

Oboz Arete: Boot Fitter Approved

Ahh, Spring 2020. I remember it like it was a decade ago. In addition to having a lot of adventures planned for that year, I was psyched to get my feet into the newly launched Oboz Arete. The boot was getting a lot of attention that spring, including landing on the cover of Backpacker’s Gear Guide. I was sold on trying a pair once we had samples in hand the previous summer. While there’s a lot of great Oboz styles that I believe in, I’m certainly picky about what I actually wear. My selectiveness is undoubtedly rooted in my 10+ years as a retail boot fitter.