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Matt Lewis

I was born and raised in Maine where I found a love for the outdoors. Dad would take my brother and I hunting, fishing & backpacking in Northern Maine. After I started climbing in 1993 I moved to Oregon. It was here where I started a career in the Outdoor Industry. I was hired as a buyer at the Mountain Shop of Portland, then moved to Bend for a job at Metolius Climbing. I’ve been with the Alta Group since 2007. In October 2011 my wife Cheryl and I left Bend, OR and now reside in Bozeman, MT.

Living in the West has allowed me to enjoy fly fishing, rock & ice climbing, skiing and trail running in the numerous mountain ranges.
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Post date: Fri, 04/01/2022    Posted in: Product Feature

Looking back at Mount Olympus, the highest point in Olympic National Park, was the highlight of a week- long backpacking trip I did last summer.  This meadow was my favorite section of the trip; no people to be seen and on high alert for bears. The meadow seemed to be untouched by humans.

Post date: Thu, 02/17/2022    Posted in: News


Post date: Mon, 01/24/2022    Posted in: News

Justin: Yo Scott, what did the Sierra Mountain Guide trip report say on their last update? 

Me: Looks like the ice is forming and hike is filled in and packed down so no need for show shoes… but a weird warming trend coming through…