FNG’s Closet Chapter 1 - Thoughts as a New Rep

FNG’s Closet Chapter 1 - Thoughts as a New Rep

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Steven Masters

Although I probably had the shortest tenure as FNG in Alta Group history (3 months, thanks Scott!), I’m still only 9 months into the job. Making a career change to a new job at a new position in the Alta Group comes with certain growing pains, but I feel with the challenges come great opportunities.

Having worked in Outdoor Retail for 10 years, I understand that side of the business really well. It's not easy to juggle all the operations of a store; customers, staff, inventory, operations, sales, expenses, buying, etc. While it’s a big task, having the right people working with you makes all the difference. From my experience, this included my reps that I could count on and looked forward to having worked with me and my staff.

Now as a Rep with the Alta Group, I tend to think outside the box for opportunities to support our dealers. This can be for ways to grow sales at our dealers, engage staff with better training and tools to help them on the sales floor and utilize consumer events to drive customers to local dealers.

The greatest thing I’ve learned and come to appreciate since joining the Alta Group is the importance of excellent communication. When I started the job, one of the few rules the Alta Group has is to respond to all phone calls and e-mails within 1 business day. We have a lot of folks depending on us, between our brands, dealers, event coordinators, and co-workers, and it is important that they can count on us and know that we’re there to take care of them.