Alta Group, Inc. – Sustainability

Alta Group, Inc. – Sustainability

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Dave Haavik

For the first time in almost two years everybody in the Alta Group, Inc. got together for what is normally our annual sales/planning meeting. Oh, how we missed being in person together. Two years of meeting as a group via Zoom has been rough, as you all know…

During these meetings we discussed many topics including our budget, brand planning, SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats), travel planning, goals, Mission Statement, Strategic Plan, and a whole lot more.

There was one topic of discussion that we all got passionate about, sustainability.  This discussion morphed out of the discussion we were having around our Mission Statement.  Our Mission Statement has a fair bit of language around holding the brands we represent accountable for environmental sustainability and JDEI (Justice, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion). How can we try to hold others accountable when we can’t even hold ourselves accountable?

We, as a group have decided to use “sustainability” in a way to also include JDEI.  Sustainability for us is, People, Planet, Product and Profit, in that order.

Shortly after our meeting we were able to engage with a consultant (happens to be Dave Allan’s brother-in-law) to help us learn more about JDEI.  This is a learning/education process, not training.  Our first meeting with him is in November with quarterly meetings going forward.  We have pressed him to make sure there is ongoing work in between each meeting.

Matt Lewis has been taking an online course on Sustainable Business Practices (SBP) over the past few months. There are 4 Pillars of SBP. 

  1. Social and Culture 
    Safety and Security, Wellness, Equity, Diversity and Cultural Inclusion
  2. Economic  
    Measuring the financial impact of sustainability, communication, performance, stakeholder, corporate education, and training.
  3. Planet 
    Impact of CO2 and other pollutants by mode of transportation and accommodation, methodologies, creating a carbon footprint.
  4. Management    
    Manage the business of Sustainability and maintain a healthy balance between the 3 main Pillars

I know we have all been cognizant of sustainability (all encompassing) over the years, but we have never had a plan to hold ourselves accountable.  Accountability starts with setting a baseline and growing from there.  Clearly there is a lot more depth to this than what is outlined in a short blog post.

This will be a never-ending journey. We are committed in perpetuity.