The Alta Group and Philanthropy

The Alta Group and Philanthropy

The Alta Group and Philanthropy

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Dave Haavik

When Roody Rasmussen started the Alta Group, Inc. in 1993 Philanthropy was part of the DNA. Myself and Dave Allan, along with the rest of the Alta Group have continued that tradition every year.  Our goal is 1% of gross revenue is to be donated to non-profits and other organizations in need. We feel gross revenue is a better goal than some sort of % of profit. Profit is too easily manipulated.

Beyond the cash donations we make, we try to support a lot of other organizations with “in-kind” donations of product and swag. Think Climbing Gym Team fundraisers, school fundraisers, Ducks Unlimited, etc.

Here are some (not all) of the organizations within the Outdoor Industry that we have supported over the years. Not every year, but over the years:

  • Washington Climbers Coalition
    The mission of the WCC is to make Washington a better place to climb through advocacy, stewardship and education.
  • American Safe Climbing Association
    Climbing anchor replacement throughout the US
  • Friends of the Northwest Avalanche Center
    Helps fund the NW Avalanche forecasting center

Obviously, giving back to the community we profit from feels right, but it goes beyond that. We also have made significant donations organizations outside of the Outdoor Industry. For Example:

  • Ballard Foodbank
    Local foodbank hear the Alta Groups head office
  • Union for Concerned Scientists
    Science for a healthy planet and safer world
  • SMASH (Seattle Musicians Access to Sustainable Health Care)
    SMASH is a nonprofit organization dedicated to keeping our music community healthy and thriving by providing health education, advocacy, and access to affordable healthcare.

Click Here see a full list of 2017/2018 donations.