About the Alta Group

We are an organization of independent sales reps with a portfolio of products designed to meet the needs of retail outlets. We are successful because we use and believe in the products that we sell; we know and understand a retailer’s needs; and we care for the safety, education and enjoyment of our fellow enthusiasts.

Alta Group

Our Commitment

Selecting products from manufacturers who share our environmental values and whose products represent high quality in design and manufacture, leading edge technology and excellent value.

We make service to the retail outlets a top priority. This includes providing technical training, making ourselves easily available, developing long-term relationships with our retailers and representing the retailer’s needs to the manufacturers.

Our Values

Our Primary environmental criteria are that the products we sell cause minimal environmental impact in the locations in which they are used. Secondarily we need to be assured that the products we sell are manufactured with environmentally safe processes and packaged with recycled products.

Our passion is outdoor adventure and sport and we are committed to selling only those products that we would use in order to enhance the safety and enjoyment of those activities.